About Me

This website was created for no real reason. I don't care about web design nor do I care about the 'old web', whatever the hell that is (I'm only 20). Lol I study computer science but I have no care for the field. I hate school, I hate work. I don't particularly enjoy anything. Actually, I did like being a cleaner though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Other Facts

  1. I'm not that gay. I think I've only ever been genuinely attracted to one woman
  2. I hate men and men obsessed women surprise surprise guess who surrounds me the most
  3. I wish to be liberated from these patriarchal fools
  4. Gender and sex mean nothing to me
  5. Likewise 'sexuality' but I guess they are all 'real'
  6. My favourite colour is actually green but I'm always drawn to pink for some reason
  7. I walk like 10 miles a day