dragon blowing fire floating dragon head growling dragon blowing fire

Got things I love in this space


purple wizard with glowing orb and fire red wizard and small red dragon ...I can't think of anything. So I'm going to start with the things I hate. I hate anime, especially shit like attack on titan. Manga, shonen or shoujo idc, set everyone back by 1000 years, I do not care for debate. I hate the obsession blahdublabla I don't maybe because I'm getting older or something. I try watching something and they have these irritating voices like shut up man then I give up. I watched stone ocean recently out of charity *thumbs up* in english dub though. Subs are what's annoying. I hate xxxwdhiteecwepeoplxwe. I hate useless rules and useless restrictions and useless useless crap. I do not care for my culture or my 'people' (this could get taken out of context). LOL. Everyone disgusts me.

So, Things I like Here In This Section

purple wizard with glowing orb and fire I like coconut flavored sweets, except bounty (it's too rich). I love drama. I love melodramatic people. They color my life in such interesting ways. ljnego;qrugn3orinb brerb3rtb4tn4tn4wyn46tn456n4e5ynwfb wrvwv I think it's fun to act like a monkey. I like living. In an odd way, I look forward to the future. I can tell lots of dramatic, possibly dangerous things are about to happen (not to me inshallah). I am very stoic. I've been playing disco elysium and it's true, love *is* the most revolutionary force of all. I will never realize this. I love disco elysium and I love revolutionary girl utena and I love princess tutu, these three will remain with me til the end of days.

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