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To be honest I don't really care about manga anymore but these all meant something to me at some point in time. I'll also link some that I was gonna read but will never get round to. Additionally, these are in no particular order.

Was gonna read

I bet I'm missing out on some good stuff by not reading these...

Top 10 Lesbo Couples

Top 10 Lesbo Couples. In no order. The only one I genuinely really like here is Anthy and Utena. They're not here but Kim and Harry too. I like them.

bobara und maki
Who cares about Jujutsu Kaisen.
utena and anthy looking magnificant
asa and denji
#Denjiisalesbian I will never read Chainsawman.
rika and geeta from pokemon
No real lesbian is without her prince. Which is the prince, who knows? They both were made to revolutionise the world. I like androgynous, butch GL idk. There is nothing more nutritious. I have never played pokemon.

fakir and duck from princess tutu
A straight couple. They have a beautiful romance.
r and o from lovelycomplex
Zelda and Link BOTW
Thought they were related at first thank god they weren't
gabimaru and yui from Hell's Paradise
High value straight couple. Another very beautiful romance. Wow.

rhaenyrha and alicent
I don't know anything about this show but if you don't like any of these 2 go away. Olivia Cooke and Emma D'Arcy are both so hot. (Most of these are largely by aesthetics only). :D
puss and kitty from pussinboots
why are there cats here
Jean and jacket

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